Why You Do Need Electrical Safety Inspections & Panel Upgrades

Electrical Safety Inspections

Not every home gives warning signs when an electrical panel upgrade is needed, though often there is some warning presented to the homeowner. If you're at all in doubt as to whether your electrical panel is in good shape, you should have your electrical systems inspected.

The panel is where all the wiring in your Seattle home meets with the wiring coming from the electric meter that is serviced by your power company. The older your panel box, the more likely you're going to have electrical safety issues that you need to avoid. Circuit overload isn't a good sign at any time, and the last thing you want is to go on risking possible fires, shorts, arcs, or sparks.

Obvious signs that tell you it's time to hire a Seattle electrician for an electrical safety inspection and possible panel upgrade are:

  • Damages from heat
  • Burning smells
  • Frequent breaker trips
  • Surges
  • Sparks
  • Power draining when large appliances are used

Our professional electricians at NW Electricians Today can check out your panel box and replace it if it doesn't conform to local safety building code requirements. However, if you're experiencing any problems with your electrical system, it may be due to an electrical panel that isn't sufficient for your specific power needs.

Circuit Overloads & Panel Upgrades

As homeowners, we keep adding on electrical devices that need to be powered, but such is the way of life for most who live in our country. But the more electrical devices we plug in, charge, and use every day, the more our homes need to have electrical upgrades.

In too many homes, you see owners plugging in extension cords, outlet extenders, and power strips in order to extend their ability to use outlets. This practice is dangerous when instead the homeowner should have the electrical system upgraded to accommodate the additional power requirements.

Making home improvements may also require panel upgrades. If your home previously had lighting additions, appliance additions, HVAC equipment additions, or other things installed like a nice garden whirlpool tub or a hot tub, your wiring and panel may need upgrading.

Why NW Electricians Today Is Your Choice For Inspections & Panel Upgrades

Our electricians have the training and skill to take care of your Seattle electrical safety inspections and panel upgrades. We know our area well and what standards have been set by building safety code authorities. Your home should meet a minimum level of safety requirements, but not all homes have been conforming to these requirements.

You may have purchased your home from a previous owner who bypassed having inspections done on improvements, or your home may just have an outdated electrical panel. Even homes built a decade ago may need a panel upgrade depending on what power requirements you now need to accommodate.

As local professional electricians, we have the tools and experience needed to help you with all your electrical services including panel upgrades.

If you have questions or need an Electrical Safety Inspection or Panel Upgrade in the Seattle area, call the pros at NW Electricians Today at 206-782-1837 or fill out our online request form.