Great quality Panel Upgrades for your Seattle home

Panel Upgrades in Seattle

Your electrical system is one of the most important features of your Seattle home, and the core of that system is your electrical panel. Your Seattle electrical panel needs to be able to support the amount of electricity you're using in your home at all times. Otherwise, you'll experience power outages, and it may create a very dangerous situation if your home.

At NW Electricians Today, we have professional electricians who can help you determine whether your panel needs to be upgraded or replaced, and we can take care of the entire job from start to finish.

What is an Electrical Panel?

Your main electrical panel is typically a large gray box that is located in your garage or basement and is filled a series of switches. Those switches are called your breakers, and when they "trip," it will cause a power outage until the switch is turned back on. If your breakers are tripping repeatedly or frequently, it can mean that your panel is not equipped to handle the amount of electricity you're using, which can be very unsafe.

If you've noticed your breakers are frequently tripping, call NW Electricians Today to have your electrical panel inspected as soon as possible.

How to Know When Your Panel Needs an Upgrade

  • You Have Screw-In Style Fuses

    Screw-in style fuse panels are very common in older Seattle homes, and when they were introduced, they were perfectly fine. Today's homes, however, use much more electricity than they used to, and screw-in style fuse boxes are simply no longer adequate. Most like, this type of panel needs to be completely replaced.

  • Your Breakers Trip Frequently

    If your breakers are tripping frequently, you notice flickering lights, or your electrical system is unable to provide electricity to all of your appliances, the problems can often be solved with a panel upgrade or replacement.

Old and outdated panel are more than just inconvenient. Aside from causing irritating power outages, they can also lead to smoke damage that, or even to a house fire. Call our professional Seattle electricians today for assistance in determining whether or not a panel upgrade could be beneficial to your Seattle home.

You should also have your panel upgraded if:

  • Your panel box makes cracking sounds.
  • Electrical service conductors are overheating
  • You're renovating or adding to your home.
  • You add a sauna or a hot tub.
  • You use 60 amp or 100 amp electrical service.
  • Your home owner's insurance requires that you make an upgrade.
  • You use multiple extension cords.

Our Professional Panel Upgrade Technicians

Because your electrical panel is such an integral part of your electrical system, it's very important that any time you need to have it repaired or worked on in any way, you hire a licensed electrician you know you can trust with the job. At NW Electricians Today, we can guarantee high quality work that you'll be completely satisfied with. We'll do whatever it takes to make sure that your electrical system is always as safe, functional, and reliable as possible.

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